Smart Home Security Measures For Your Windows

Of all of the spots where your home is most vulnerable to intrusion during a burglary, the doors and windows are the most important areas to keep secure. They are potentially easy entry and exit points for the home, and burglars are very experienced in using ways to gain access through them. As a homeowner you want to give advance thought to their vulnerability and take steps to make it more difficult to break in through them. This article will deal with the subject of securing your windows.

One of the most important considerations regarding windows is the kind of glass that is used in them. If it is standard single pane glass, it will be very easy to break and the window will present a real security risk. Oftentimes, older home will have this kind of glass in the windows, so it would be good to put upgrading the glass in your windows on your list of things that need to be done to update the house, and do it as soon as you can.

Windows now come with glass that is hardened, much like your car windshield glass, and it is very hard to break them. And an added layer of protection is provided when you have double-pane glass of this type installed as it makes it that much harder to get through both panes, and a great side benefit is that it will also help with insulating your home better. Also pay attention to the quality of the window frames too. They need to be made of strong material that cannot be easily taken apart or destroyed by a crowbar or some other similar tool.

Installing locks on windows is a great home security improvement. Many homes have locks that are nothing more than levers that can be easily flipped by someone inside the home. The problem is that they can also be easily unlocked if someone does manage to get through the glass and gain access to them. It is best to have locks that require a key to activate instead. It makes getting the window open so much more difficult, and burglars don’t like to have too many obstacles in their path when breaking in. Stealth and speed are essential to their successful burglary, so the more that you do to slow them down the less chance they will be able to complete the job.

Finally, a good alarm system that monitors not only the doors but the windows of your home is a great home security tool as well. If the burglar somehow gets past all of the other security features and manages to get the window open, the alarm that sounds will usually be enough to foil the intrusion attempt at that point.

Windows can contribute to the beauty and enjoyment of your home, and if you take the proper security measures they can also provide a great deal of security as well.

All You Have Is In Our Domicile And Depends On Our Home Security System

There is no question about the wisdom of the phrase that if someone wants to get into your home badly enough, you can not stop them. So for the serious criminal or person with a grudge, there is little one can do to prevent them from breaking into your place and doing whatever they plan. A solid home security plan is your best bet for keeping you family and your possessions safe.

Especially now, when the global economic circumstances have left many in difficult positions, the incidences of illicit home entry has skyrocketed. Where we once considered our homes a bastion of peace and security, we are faced with a different world. Long gone are the days when we could leave a window open at night for a comforting summer breeze.

Just as no one would seriously consider leaving the vehicle unlocked in the driveway, precautions a have become a regular part of our lives. For the most part, the goal is really to make your house more difficult to enter than others. People intent on breaking in to a house are not fond of anything that complicates their efforts.

Communities understand that they have a role to play in the security of their collective residents. Sometimes they install fencing and gates in the hope that this will protect them from intruders. Unfortunately, these efforts can be counterproductive, as issues regarding how to control the gate combination, how to accommodate commercial deliveries or even pizza deliveries end up degrading the value of the gate.

The interesting thing is that there are so many ways that we help thieves and intruders without really thinking about it. Communities know that is a sound idea for neighbors to know one another. In our society, that is not the easiest thing to encourage, as people enjoy their privacy. Many turn to inside community organizations or even neighbor to neighbor groups to get residents to meet one another.

Community events, like street or neighborhood wide community garage sales engender the spirit of community, as well as creating a general feeling of good will and harmony. These seemingly innocent events are exactly what the criminal element hopes will happen. They allow the access to all, and those who desire to engage in nefarious activity now have an open access that will help in their planning.

One of our greatest mistakes is to believe that people who commit crimes must be slow, dimwitted or just plain stupid. Sadly, there are some very intelligent people who use their minds to develop the means to take from others what they could probably have earned for themselves. Some find the challenge of finding a way to take things from you a thrill that honest work can not replace.

To ensure you are as safe as you can possibly be, investing in a home security arrangement with companies like AlarmForce will give you the greatest peace of mind. These professionals have made a science out of determining what the bad guys like to do and how to stop them. When you consider what is at stake, investing in protection is a smart and efficient decision.

Managing the Unseen Areas With a Home Security System

Getting down to the brass tacks of home security is not as complicated as it sounds. The burglar game is basically a game of evasion. Burglars hope to get inside your home when you are not there, so as to have the maximum amount of time to review your possessions and take what’s most valuable. The tools you use – home alarm systems, motion sensors and other devices – are designed to stop their progress when they try and make a move. Here are five ideas about managing the unseen in your home security plan.

1. Contract a monitoring service. The reason you would want to get a monitoring service is to manage these unseen moments. When your home alarm sounds and you have a situation on your property, the eyes and ears of the monitoring service are your backup plan. They will either call the police, deploy a local security guard to your home, or try to get in touch with you first. Make sure you know the system before you leave your house for the day or for the night.

2. Use artificial eyes. The best way to get a look at the unseen areas of your home is to set up surveillance cameras with options for monitoring them no matter where you are. When you are inside your home, the closed circuit method will work. If you are on the road frequently, you might want to invest in a system that can be controlled by your cell phone and operates on an internet connection. Of course, you won’t be able to always watch live, so the DVR systems may be ideal for reviewing footage.

3. Lights that feel. When it comes to lighting, you can get a lot for your money. Anyone trying to enter your home who is met with blinding light will be hard-pressed to continue on their quest. The key is to keep them unseen until they come onto your property. This type of smart lighting system will be able to get the job done on a daily basis and won’t waste electricity, as the motion-sensing functions will turn off when the person leaves.

4. The neighborhood watch. One of the great forces in any home security plan is the neighborhood watch patrol. You know you can feel safe when there are a number of citizens who know the neighborhood on duty along with local police and security forces. Any time you attend a meeting of this group, you will learn some invaluable information from a local area resident or from a police officer.

5. Installing a force field around your house. If you have more of a taste for the tech side of security devices, you might want to look into this stealth force. By emitting rays when someone enters your home’s perimeter, this field actually starts to change the physical state of an intruder and causes them to rethink the plan they were about to realize.