Home Security Protects the Family From Thieves

Home security systems protect the family from thieves for several reasons, first they are a warning system, second they can alert the authorities and third they give the family piece of mind. Having an alarm system means that the doors and windows are protected from entry by someone that does not belong in the house and it is connected with the call center where there are operators waiting to alert the police when a home is entered setting off the alarm. This can give the family piece of mind and there are new features and research going into the home protection systems to make them even better.

Alarm systems have come a long way in protecting the family, there are stickers for the windows and a sign for the yard to give a warning before a thief would even think about entering the home. Then there is the key chain remote that makes it easy to arm the home security system when leaving the house and when returning it is just as easy to disarm the alarm system. That means no running for the keypad to arm or disarm the system, which fits right in with today’s busy schedules. There is the ability to speak to the centers trained personnel when you are in the room with the keypad during an emergency and most thieves are smart, but not smart enough to break into a residence that has a home security system. This is because once it is activated opening a door, window or even a pet door will set off the systems alert to the company. This is why most burglars will pass by a home that is protected rather than risking being caught breaking into the residence. They don’t want to be sentenced to jail when there are much easier places to break into that are not protected. This is where the window decals and the yard sign give the break-in artist fair warning.

The family on the other hand can live comfortably, without worry about being home during a break-in or losing valuable possessions. Plus there is never the feeling of knowing a stranger has been in the house and gone through personal possessions or the fear of them coming back. This equals piece of mind for the family and that is the most important feature of the security system.

The proof of home burglaries is in the yearly crime statistics and for any family to know the percentage of residential break-ins it is convincing that every home needs a security system. This shows that most burglaries occur during the day when there is no one at home and this is the best part of the statistics. The estimated costs of home break-ins is estimated at $4.3 billion per year, which means when a home is broken into the family is going to lose thousands of dollars in computers, televisions, jewelry and other items of value not only monetary, but also personal value. The jewelry that was passed down in the family or bought by someone that is special is gone forever once a burglar is in the house, which means it is not just the value of money, but a personal value.