Managing the Unseen Areas With a Home Security System

Getting down to the brass tacks of home security is not as complicated as it sounds. The burglar game is basically a game of evasion. Burglars hope to get inside your home when you are not there, so as to have the maximum amount of time to review your possessions and take what’s most valuable. The tools you use – home alarm systems, motion sensors and other devices – are designed to stop their progress when they try and make a move. Here are five ideas about managing the unseen in your home security plan.

1. Contract a monitoring service. The reason you would want to get a monitoring service is to manage these unseen moments. When your home alarm sounds and you have a situation on your property, the eyes and ears of the monitoring service are your backup plan. They will either call the police, deploy a local security guard to your home, or try to get in touch with you first. Make sure you know the system before you leave your house for the day or for the night.

2. Use artificial eyes. The best way to get a look at the unseen areas of your home is to set up surveillance cameras with options for monitoring them no matter where you are. When you are inside your home, the closed circuit method will work. If you are on the road frequently, you might want to invest in a system that can be controlled by your cell phone and operates on an internet connection. Of course, you won’t be able to always watch live, so the DVR systems may be ideal for reviewing footage.

3. Lights that feel. When it comes to lighting, you can get a lot for your money. Anyone trying to enter your home who is met with blinding light will be hard-pressed to continue on their quest. The key is to keep them unseen until they come onto your property. This type of smart lighting system will be able to get the job done on a daily basis and won’t waste electricity, as the motion-sensing functions will turn off when the person leaves.

4. The neighborhood watch. One of the great forces in any home security plan is the neighborhood watch patrol. You know you can feel safe when there are a number of citizens who know the neighborhood on duty along with local police and security forces. Any time you attend a meeting of this group, you will learn some invaluable information from a local area resident or from a police officer.

5. Installing a force field around your house. If you have more of a taste for the tech side of security devices, you might want to look into this stealth force. By emitting rays when someone enters your home’s perimeter, this field actually starts to change the physical state of an intruder and causes them to rethink the plan they were about to realize.