Smart Home Security Measures For Your Windows

Of all of the spots where your home is most vulnerable to intrusion during a burglary, the doors and windows are the most important areas to keep secure. They are potentially easy entry and exit points for the home, and burglars are very experienced in using ways to gain access through them. As a homeowner you want to give advance thought to their vulnerability and take steps to make it more difficult to break in through them. This article will deal with the subject of securing your windows.

One of the most important considerations regarding windows is the kind of glass that is used in them. If it is standard single pane glass, it will be very easy to break and the window will present a real security risk. Oftentimes, older home will have this kind of glass in the windows, so it would be good to put upgrading the glass in your windows on your list of things that need to be done to update the house, and do it as soon as you can.

Windows now come with glass that is hardened, much like your car windshield glass, and it is very hard to break them. And an added layer of protection is provided when you have double-pane glass of this type installed as it makes it that much harder to get through both panes, and a great side benefit is that it will also help with insulating your home better. Also pay attention to the quality of the window frames too. They need to be made of strong material that cannot be easily taken apart or destroyed by a crowbar or some other similar tool.

Installing locks on windows is a great home security improvement. Many homes have locks that are nothing more than levers that can be easily flipped by someone inside the home. The problem is that they can also be easily unlocked if someone does manage to get through the glass and gain access to them. It is best to have locks that require a key to activate instead. It makes getting the window open so much more difficult, and burglars don’t like to have too many obstacles in their path when breaking in. Stealth and speed are essential to their successful burglary, so the more that you do to slow them down the less chance they will be able to complete the job.

Finally, a good alarm system that monitors not only the doors but the windows of your home is a great home security tool as well. If the burglar somehow gets past all of the other security features and manages to get the window open, the alarm that sounds will usually be enough to foil the intrusion attempt at that point.

Windows can contribute to the beauty and enjoyment of your home, and if you take the proper security measures they can also provide a great deal of security as well.